A saison refermented on raspberries

5.8% ABV

375mL | 750ml | draft
BATCH: ONE | PACKAGED: January 2021

Himmat is a saison refermented on raspberries from Sidhu Farms in Puyallup, WA. Sidhu Farms works with Farmstand Local Foods to provide us with most of the berries we use in our beers including the blackberries found in Tove. Rich and full of flavor, we are always impressed by the fruit they grow.

Himmat is bright, with big notes of raspberries and watermelon rinds followed by underlying earthy notes and a soft tartness.

This lovely saison is a nod to Himmatpura, the village in India where Kamal Sidhu and his family are from. Consisting of “Himmat” meaning courage and “Pura” meaning full of.

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375ml, 750ml