Knitting Circle season 1 batch e (Additional)

batch e

Soon the North Cascades will be filled with bronze and gold hues as the season changes. One such tree to change color is the darling of the Pacific Northwest, Larches. Larches are the only deciduous acting conifer, changing colors in the fall to a glorious golden yellow and shedding their needles.

In June on trip to the Chumstick Valley north of Leavenworth, we gathered fresh green larch tips for batch e. Returning to Seattle, we selected a barrel and added the larch tips – infusing them for two weeks prior to bottling.

Batch e bursts with aromas of evergreen and floral followed by a soft mouthfeel and delicate citrus notes. While some of our beers take on new life in the cellar, we highly recommend enjoying batch e now.

Bottled June 2020 | ALC/VOL: 5.4%

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