SPON – Jester King


All-Texas SPON

ABV 5.8%

750ml bottles

From Jester King:

Brewing a beer with 100% Texas ingredients has been an aspiration and challenge for us for the better part of our existence. We’ve worked with well water, local grains, and native yeast for a long time, but what eluded us was Texas-grown hops. Our effort to establish hops at Jester King is still a work in progress. We experimented with wafer ash (i.e. the “hop tree”) in our beer as a bittering alternative, but we didn’t love the results. Finally, thanks to the local homebrewing community, we were able to find Texas-grown hops.

Specifically, Texas homebrewer DUSTIN KIRKLAND grew several dozen pounds of Cascade for us in his backyard. We took the whole cone Cascade and aged it in the attic of our barn at Jester King for a few years before use. Finally, during the winter of 2019, we mashed in our first all-Texas beer. The water came from the Trinity Aquifer below Jester King. The barley and wheat were grown in west Texas and malted by Blacklands Malt, and the hops came from Dustin’s backyard in Austin. The all-Texas wort was chilled in our coolship and 100% spontaneously fermented with native yeast. After about two years of maturation in oak barrels, we blended and bottled our first 100% Texas ingredient beer this past spring!


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