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Bottle pick ups start Friday, September 25th!

Products displayed here are only available to Knitting Circle members. Click here to learn more about our bottle membership.

If you are a member, but are unable to see the beer, please create an account using the same email address as the one you receive our emails from and we’ll grant you access to this page.

Reminder! Even if you do not wish to purchase additional bottles, you must still place an order for your “pre-paid” allotment of two bottles. We will not give you your two bottles if you did not place the order online. 

Bottle pick ups start Friday, September 25th!
Friday: 1 – 7pm
Saturday: noon – 7pm in the tasting room
Sunday: noon – 7pm in the tasting room
 After this weekend all pick ups will occur through our tasting room during normal business hours. 

All bottles not picked up after 30 days will be forfeited. 

Alternatively, you can ship your bottles in lieu of pick up!

At checkout you can choose to ship your bottles and any Fair Isle beer to anywhere in the state of Washington. 

“Household” Pick-Up Rules

Our “Household Rule” means that when you sign up for membership, you can designate someone who lives at the same address as you (e.g. a partner, spouse, roommate) to pick up your beer on your behalf. Members may designate only one trustee to pick up their beer.

To add a proxy, at checkout, put the name of the person in the “Order Proxy” space at the bottom of the checkout page.  If there isn’t a proxy for your order, please type NA in the space. 

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Showing all 5 results