Damon – saison with kiwi fruit in gin casks


Brewed in collaboration with our dear friends at Lúpulo in Santa Cruz for their 10th anniversary this weekend, we present Damon, a saison refermented on Ananasnaya Kiwi fruit, steeped with foraged Myrica Gale and aged in gin casks. Damon is full of complexity and layered with notes of Cherimoya, white grape skins, melon rind and bursts with tropical notes and bright acidity.

The folks from Lúpulo came up and selected barrels with us – a blend of various gin casks and designed Damon with us. Damon is inspired by two of their favorite beers, Vince and Ana. 

Kiwi fruit, aka kiwi berries or kiwi grapes, are perhaps the Pacific Northwest’s best kept secret. The fruit is reminiscent of a Kiwi, but is the size of a large grape and has a smooth skin that is edible and packed with tropical flavors, even sweeter than a traditional Fuzzy Kiwi. The fruit is grown on Kiwi vines and thrives in the Pacific Northwest climate, yet it’s not widely known.

Did you know we distribute in nine states outside of Washington and soon to be in Wisconsin and Illinois! We love bringing the flavor of the PNW to bars and bottleshops miles and miles away from Seattle.  

Thanks Lúpulo for being fans of Fair Isle and congrats on ten years!

8.9% ABV / available in 375ml

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 in

375ml, 750ml