a tropical saison with kiwi fruit

For this batch, we used ultra-ripe hardy kiwis grown by Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchards in Onalaska. Adding the crushed fruit to the empty fermenter allowed natural fermentation for 48 hours prior to adding the base beer on the fruit. This allowed for native microbes on the skin of the fruit to get a head start before our yeast culture took over – creating another layer of fermentation complexity.

The subtle mineral aroma of Ana is closely followed by notes of Pippin green apples, white grape skins, melon rind and bursts with tropical notes and bright acidity. Dry like our other saisons, but with a perceived sweetness coming from the kiwi, Ana stands apart.

SILVER for Belgian Style Fruit Beer – WASHINGTON BEER AWARDS, November 2021

7.3% ABV / available in 375ml & 750ml

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375ml, 750ml