Cherry Pedro



Cherry Pedro is an oak-aged ale blended from batches aged in French oak puncheons for twelve and thirty months and refermented on Washington grown Montmorency Cherries. Some of the oldest beer we have.

Pedro is the outcome of more than 3 years of patience. A blend of 12 and 30 month old beer aged in French Oak puncheons, this extended maturation allowed some more assertive acidity to come through, without finishing with a bracing sour note. The older beer in the blend brings more depth and a layered acid profile, while the younger beer contributes vivacity and fruitiness. After selecting puncheons and blending, we then transferred the beer on to Montmorency Cherries from Eastern Washington. Here the beer went through a secondary refermentation on the fruit creating complex notes of cinnamon, toffee and figs.

Cherry Pedro pairs exceedingly well with food, its tartness cutting through and complementing richer fare like roasted lamb.

6.8% ABV / Available in 375mL & 750ml


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375ml, 750ml