Val – oak-aged ale with cherries


an oak-aged ale refermented with Montmorency Cherries

Cherries have a deep history with beer and one we wanted to respect. Initially we held off on making a beer with cherries because we didn’t want to use the widely available, cloying and sweet, Bing or Rainier varieties. Fortunately for all of us, we connected with Rowley and Hawkins Fruit Farms who grow a variety called Montmorency that originated in the Val-d’Oise outside of Paris.

Vivid red, Val exudes aromas of almonds and tastes of cinnamon, vanilla and cherry pie. Refermented on oak-aged stock beer, the mild acidity of the base beer plays well with tartness of the cherry, while still finishing dry.

6.9% ABV / available in 375ml & 750ml

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375ml, 750ml